Themed journeys

Do you have a special interest or passion? It may be photography, history, culture, yoga or cookery or something else. Your ‘thing’.

Our theme based Journeys are trips dedicated tospecial interests.They are immersive experiences crafted around cultivating greater understanding of,learning about, indulging in and most of all enjoying a particular interest or destination.They are ideal for those of us who prefer to spend our hard earned recreation time doing something meaningful in order to replenish our mind, body and soul. It’s your holiday, so journey with us and let us help make it special!


Cultural journeys


A firsthand experience of Indian culture
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Gourmet journeys

Gourmet copy

A Taste of India
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Festival special


An introduction of vibrant india
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Photography journeys

Photography copy

Capture the colours of real India
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Journey on wheels


Wheel life adventure
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Please remember that the cost of our theme based journeys is dependent on a number of factors, including the theme you choose , the time of year, the no. of passengers, the transport you use, the style of accommodation you prefer , the activities you want included and if you want a tour leader to enhance your experience.

If you have an idea for a journey outside of our available choices please feel free to contact us and we will endeavor to design your dream trip.

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