Journey on wheels

Journey by train in India is an unforgettable (and characteristically Indian) experience not to be missed.

India’s is one of the largest railway networks in the world. It connects approximately 26 million people each day to their work, their loved ones, friends and family across a web of iron arteries that are the beating heart and essence of this vast and majestic continent.

The life, diversity and colours of the constantly changing countryside reach out to you each minute through your train window as you glide by. To travel by train is to see and experience India like a local does. It is to lose yourself a little in a delicious sensory overload of sight, sound and taste! When you step off the platform and find your seat you will find that you have stepped into your own small village of tour companions and fellow travellers. Often there is as much to see, savor and engage you inside your train as there is going on outside it. Each railway station is a microcosm of India itself – every city, town and village. Busy, buzzing, and seemingly chaotic, but well organised intersections of people from diverse states, faiths and cultures, arriving and departing. This is the India of a billion souls, a billion journeys, condensed onto a railway platform, or maybe twenty. This is people watching at its very finest.

Train food is another exciting aspect of this journey. You will be surprised with aromatic samosas or biryani or a complete meal. Perhaps a vegetable curry or daal with rice? But the best part is the frequently served hot and refreshing chai. Just close your eyes, wrap your hands around your warm paper cup, sip, sigh and relax .It’s impossible to miss the regular ‘chai’ cries by chaiwalas tempting you to go for another cup.

Your train experience will vary from local passenger services to first class trains. Overnight, we travel (with our fellow ‘villagers’) in air-conditioned 2/3 tiered bunk compartments (which are in the first class category) but provide a simple, authentic and comfortable local experience. You can stretch out on your bunk to sleep and wake refreshed. For day journeys we travel in the air conditioned first class chair car.

Whichever region you wish to travel to in India, North or South, we will design an exciting itinerary for you and promise to give you an unforgettable experience.

So, all aboard with us, for the adventure of a lifetime on wheels!


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