Horizon journeys is founded with the aim of creating unique travel opportunities and giving travellers an authentic insight into Indian lifestyle and culture. We are passionate about travel and are committed to providing you with an interactive experience, whilst sharing our principles of ethical tourism.

Whether you’re an experienced traveller or this is your first trip far from home, we will endeavour to make your holiday a positive and memorable one. Our range of itineraries is designed to cater for a variety of interests, so you should find something that meets your requirements. We make travelling easy by careful planning and expert knowledge of local services. All you need is a passion for exploring new cultures and an open mind.

Small groups

Small-group travel is our specialty, making journeys easier as well as more personal and comfortable. At the same time as enjoying the delights of India, we hope you will enjoy journeying with other passionate travellers: sharing experiences, swapping photos – exploring new horizons together. We limit our multiday tours to a maximum of 14 people and our day trips to 10 people  which helps create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

If you would like to arrange a tailor-made trip specially designed for yourself, or with friends and family, please contact us to discuss our custom packages, or please look at our journeys offered.


We are keen to minimise any negative effects of tourism and so we try to nurture a healthy relationship between the traveller and the destination. We encourage our group members to follow our guidelines to leave a positive impact of tourism on local people, culture and the environment – to us, this is all part of ensuring that both our travellers, and our hosts, enjoy the experience.


Travel is the perfect way to learn about other cultures and develop mutual respect and understanding. Our tours will introduce you to a wide array of cultures, traditions and religions. We believe you will get the most out of your trip if you keep an open mind and behave respectfully towards everyone you meet.


We recognise that travel has an impact on the environment. Though most of our journeys will involve privately hired vehicles, we also make use of public transport. We encourage our travellers to consider offsetting the carbon emission of their flight to India. At all times we would encourage you to help us improve the environment by avoiding littering. In National Parks we ask you to be particularly mindful of the ecosystems being protected, and follow advice from your guide so as not to cause distress to the wildlife.

Sustainable development

While helping our groups explore India and experience the culture and lifestyle first-hand, we also aim to support communities. By using the expertise of local services and operators, we provide a better experience for our groups, while enabling locals to benefit in a sustainable manner. We also support organizations that are helping the local communities in need, paying special attention to women’s empowerment and education.

Local tour guides

We use local tour guides for our small-group journeys and city tours, they are a valued part of our tours and will always be there to help our travellers in any situation. Our guides make sure trips go according to schedule and are experienced at dealing with any changes of plan, should this be necessary. They are well-travelled, professional leaders who enjoy sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with their groups.

Great value

We are committed to providing quality services to our customers and offering a memorable travel experience rather than just a holiday. Booking with Horizon Journeys takes away the time and hassle of planning your trip, so you can sit back and enjoy the great-value of the journeys we provide.